This blog is a schedule of some Renaissance and Early Modern events being held in the forthcoming months.  It's arranged it in the order in which the events occur, as this ensures that future events are shown first.  The site can't be responsible for the information contained in these posts. Please confirm any necessary details with the relevant contact.

Events and posts are generated by the London Renaissance Seminar, EMPHASIS, the Tudor Symposium, FMRSI, and ANZAMEMS, amongst others.

The London Renaissance Seminar meets regularly during the academic year. It runs seminars on Saturdays, conferences and lectures and usually meets in Birkbeck College, University of London, Malet Street. WC1. Events are usually free and everyone with an interest in the Renaissance is welcome.
London Renaissance Seminar

The purpose of EMPHASIS (Early Modern Philosophy and the Scientific Imagination) is to provide a London forum for scholars working in the history of philosophy, intellectual history and the history of science of Europe in the period 1400-1650. The term ‘philosophy' is interpreted in its fullest Renaissance sense, and includes such themes as: Neoplatonism, scholasticism and late Aristotelian philosophy, Epicureanism, stoicism, scepticism, cosmological theories, the classification of the disciplines, encyclopaedism, Lullism, the art of memory, the philosophy of mathematics, theories of the soul, theories of language and signs, etc.
EMPHASIS (Early Modern Philosophy and the Scientific Imagination)

The Tudor Symposium is an informal research forum for scholars working in sixteenth-century English literature and related areas. So far it has well over a hundred members from all over the world, with research interests ranging across the full spectrum of English literature from Chaucer to Milton, but with a central emphasis on writing from the Tudor period. The list of members is intended to help put scholars in touch with one another by indicating shared interests and projects.
The Tudor Symposium

The Forum for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Ireland is a virtual community of scholars located throughout Ireland. An associated peer-reviewed electronic journal (Óenach: JFMRSI) and associated review section (Óenach: FMRSI Reviews) will build on Forum discussion. (Please see Óenach: JFMRSI for further information.)  Forum for Renaissance and Medieval Studies in Ireland

ANZAMEMS exists to promote and foster all aspects of Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Modern Studies in Australia and New Zealand, and to establish and nurture productive professional friendships between scholars working in these areas. It does so by:
  • Holding a Biennial International Conference
  • Publishing the scholarly journal Parergon
  • Disseminating important information via a regular Association Newsletter
  • Supporting a Research Network
  • Promoting such activities as Summer Schools, Postgraduate Advanced Training Seminars, Workshops, and Symposia
  • Providing support for MEMS postgraduates and early career researchers