JOBS: Assistant Professor, English Literature and Culture, 15th-18th century

Tenure-track position open in the Department of English Literature, School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Area of Specialization: English Literature and Culture, 15th-18th century.

Rank: Assistant Professor.

Job Description

The person who will occupy the position will be called upon to teach courses on various aspects of English Literature and Culture from the late medieval period, through the Renaissance, to the mid-18th century. Although the research interests of the prospective candidates may be concentrated in any area of this chronological spectrum, primary consideration will be given to the one who can evidently cover a wide range of topics/authors in teaching and research. 

Citizens of member states of the European Union outside Greece must provide proof of knowledge of the Greek language at the level of G1. The official declaration of the opening (specifying deadlines and required supporting documents) will be published in the Greek press during the first half of September and will be posted at

Interested individuals may visit the English School’s website to acquaint themselves with the Department of English Literature. Further enquiries may be addressed to Dr Tina Krontiris at and Dr Katerina Kitsi at