Neapolitan Phoenix: Heritage and Renewal in Renaissance and Early Modern Naples’ (1442-1647)

Registration is now open for ‘Neapolitan Phoenix: Heritage and Renewal in Renaissance and Early Modern Naples’ (1442-1647) on Thursday 26th May 2016. Jointly hosted by the University of Warwick’s Renaissance Centre and the University of Avignon, the conference will be held at Compton Verney Art Gallery in Warwickshire. Places are limited. Neapolitan Pheonix

26 May 2016 at Compton Verney Art Gallery

Naples – Nea-polis – is, by virtue of its name, eternally a “new” city. Yet in studies of the history and intellectual culture of the Italian, or indeed, the European Renaissance –that period of “rebirth” and “renewal” par excellence– the city and the region are often left somewhat apart. This multi-disciplinary workshop aims to take stock of the various ways in which Renaissance and Early Modern Naples treated its Ancient and Medieval heritage and adapted it to changing political and socio-cultural circumstances. How did the Neapolitans reconcile their medieval legacy with the discovery and recovery of Ancient ruins? How did Naples negotiate the transition from the reign of the house of Anjou, to Alfonsine and later Spanish and Bourbon Naples? What role did humanists and Neo-Latin poets play in this never-ending process of reinvention?

Draft Programme:

09:45-10:15 Registration

10:15-10:30. Opening comments: Ingrid De Smet and Steven Parissien (Director of Compton Verney)

10:30 Florence Bistagne. ‘O Franza o Spagna purché se magna’: pseudo-Guicciardinian misinterpretation and the construct of a Neapolitan identity.

11:30 Roxane Chilà. Royal Ideology in a Nutshell: the Preamble of the Neapolitan Privileges during the Reign of Alfonso the Magnanimous (1442-1458).

11:30-11:45 Break

11:45 David Dominé-Cohn. Naples, Nantes, Guingamp. Circulation culturelles autour d’un modèle politique angevin entre XIVe et XVe siècle.

12:15 Oren Margolis. After the Angevins: Their Legacy in the Humanistic Literature of Quattrocento Europe.

12:45 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Gallery Tour

14:30 Carlo Vecce. Et in Arcadia Neapolis. Naples in the Pastoral Imagery of the Early Modern Age.

15:00 Lorenza Gianfrancesco. Antiquity and civic identity in early modern Naples: historiography, iconography and politics.

15:30-15:45 Break

15:45 Jean-Louis Fournel. Campanella, Naples et la pensée politique napolitaine du début du XVIIe siècle.

16:15 Carlo Caruso. Poetic celebrations of Neapolitan art collections, ancient and modern.

16:45 Conclusion/closing remarks

Organised by Florence Bistagne (Avignon/IUF) and Ingrid De Smet (Warwick), the workshop will be held at Compton Verney Gallery on Thursday May 26th 2016, approx 10-6pm, and registration is now open. We currently have eight confirmed speakers (Florence Bistagne, Carlo Caruso, Roxanne Chilà, David Dominé-Cohn, Jean-Louis Fournel, Lorenza Gianfrancesco, Oren Margolis and Carlo Vecce), minibus travel is being arranged from campus, and there will also be a tour of the gallery after lunch (inc). Costs for the workshop are £40 (external), £35 (Warwick staff), £30 (students) and numbers are very limited, so early registration is essential, by using the online form (on left) or by sending your details/cheque to (Cheques need to be made payable to the 'University of Warwick', and have your name and the event title on the back).

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