CALL FOR PAPERS: Truth, Certainty and Toleration: a conference on Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury (1582-1648)

University of York, 13-14th May 2016

Herbert of Cherbury is, today, an under-rated philosopher. However, his main work of philosophy, De veritate (1624) was an internationally influential book in its time, as were his writings on religion De religione laici (1645), and the posthumously published De religione gentilium (1663). A man of wide cultural interests, Herbert of Cherbury was abreast of philosophical developments of his day, in contact with Bacon, Hobbes, Descartes and Gassendi. The aim of this conference is to take a first step towards re-establishing Herbert’s reputation as a philosopher and to consider the best means of developing timely projects to make his philosophy accessible today.

Organisers: Sarah Hutton and Tom Stoneham

Confirmed speakers: Justin Champion, Adam Grzelinski, Sarah Hutton, Richard Serjeantson, Adam Smrcz

Papers are invited on all aspects of Herbert’s activities, particularly those relating to his intellectual interests. Please send a title and 300 word abstract to Prof. Sarah Hutton by 14th March 2016. General enquiries about the conference should be sent to
Professor Sarah Hutton

Visiting Professor
Dept. of Philosophy
University of York
YO10 5DD