Philosophy’s Problem with Religion: The Interplay of Faith and Reason from Scholasticism to Enlightenment

British Academy Early Career Regional Event, Thursday, 4 September 2014
German Historical Institute London, 17 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2NJ

9:30 am

9:45 am
Cornelia Linde (German Historical Institute London): Faith and Reason in Thirteenth-Century Quodlibeta

10:30 am
Coffee break

11:00 am
Kantik Ghosh (Oxford): Religio-Intellectual History in Late-Medieval England: Possible Directions of Research

Jill Kraye (Warburg Institute): Christian Humanism, Platonism and Concordism: New Approaches to the Double Truth in Fifteenth-Century Italy

12:30 pm

1:45 pm
Guido Giglioni (Warburg Institute): Averroes’s Destructio destructionum in the Renaissance

2:30 pm
Roberta Giubilini (Warburg Institute): ‘Favello sempre secondo i filosofi’: The Incompatibility of Philosophical and Theological Speculation in Benedetto Varchi (1503-1565)

3:15 pm
Maria Rosa Antognazza (King’s College London): The Place of Theology in Leibniz’s Thought
4:00 pm
Coffee break

4:30 pm
Neil Tarrant (Imperial College): Censoring Medical Astrology in Late Sixteenth-Century Italy: Defining Astral Knowledge in an Augustinian Age

5:15 pm

Attendance is free, but please register with Cornelia Linde ( as seats are limited.