Seminar on literature, learning, and the social orders in early modern Europe (various dates, All Souls College)

The following seminars will be given at 2.00 p.m. (ending by 3.30p.m.) on Wednesdays in Hilary Term 2013 in the Wharton Room, All Souls College, Oxford.

Convenor: Dr Neil Kenny

PROFESSOR PETER BURKE, Univ. of Cambridge 16 Jan.: 'The social history of history in early modern Europe'

DR ROWAN TOMLINSON, Bristol Univ. 23 Jan.: 'Method, judgement, and social origin: theories and practices of historia in late Renaissance France'

DR JONATHAN PATTERSON, Univ. of Cambridge 30 Jan.:'Understanding avarice through the social orders in early modern France'

PROFESSOR JANE STEVENSON, Univ. of Aberdeen 6 Feb.: 'Martha Marchina: poetry and social mobility in Baroque Rome'

PROFESSOR HOWARD HOTSON, Univ. of Oxford 13 Feb.: 'Universal education: Comenius' pampaedia and some seventeenth-century critics'

PROFESSOR DAVID NORBROOK, Univ. of Oxford 20 Feb.: 'Gentry and gender: Lucy Hutchinson and the social interpretation of the English Civil War'

DR HELENA SANSON, Univ. of Cambridge 27 Feb.: 'Women, language, and access to learning in early modern Italy: an investigation across social classes'

PROFESSOR STEPHEN MILNER, Univ. of Manchester 6 Mar.: 'Pop go the classics: vernacular humanism and the social world of Renaissance Florence'