Birkbeck Institute for Social Research/Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities: Development of Psychoanalytic Concepts

Freud’s Models of the Mind : Dreams, Symptoms and the Topographical Model
Thursday 17th January 7.30pm – 9pm Venue: Archaeology G6 Lecture Theatre (UCL) 31-34 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PY

Speaker: David Bell

Having situated psychoanalysis within this broader context, this lecture will go to consider Freud’s first model of the mind and will explore the structure of explanation characteristic of his approach to dreams and symptoms

The Development of Psychoanalytic Concepts – Lecture 2
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David Bell is the Visiting Professorial Fellow in both the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research and the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities. He is giving a series of lectures and workshops during the year, all of which are open to members of the public as well as students from any institution.