Forum for European Philosophy Event: In the Zone: Spontaneity and Mental Discipline in Sport and Beyond

Thursday 8 November, 6.30 – 8pm
Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE

Michael Brearley is a psychoanalyst in London, in earlier life he taught philosophy, and was a professional cricketer

David Papineau, Professor of Philosophy, King's College London

Chair: Simon Glendinning, Reader in European Philosophy, European Institute, LSE and Director of the Forum for European Philosophy

What is meant by ‘being in the zone’? Can philosophy or cognitive science help explain the combination of mental and physical effort required for sporting excellence?Michael Brearely will discuss technique and emotion, concentration and relaxation, self-criticism and self-confidence, and will consider whether the capacity to find an optimum balance of such qualities can be learned or fostered. David Papineau will speak about the way that high-level sport requires intentional mental control of reflex behaviour, and will reflect on what this tells us about both cognition and sport.

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