Final Agenda: Ancient Rome and Early Modern England: Literature, History and Politics in Early Modern England

The conference will be held on 21-22 May at Jesus College.

To register please go to and follow
instructions on the conference webpage. Please note that it is possible to
register for one day only.

Saturday 21 May

9-9.30 am Registration and coffee
9.30-9.40 Remarks (Paulina Kewes)
9.40-10.45am Circulation and Reception (Chair: Alex Gajda)
Freyja Cox Jensen (Christ Church, Oxford)
„After Peter Burke: A Survey of the Popularity of Roman Historians in England, 1500-1600‟
Daniel Andersson (Wolfson College, Oxford)
„Numquamne reponam? Forms of Reception of Juvenal in Seventeenth-Century England‟
10.50am-12.40pm Early Modern Drama and the Roman Republic (Chair: Blair Worden)
Paulina Kewes (Jesus College Oxford)
„Constitutional Instability in Titus Andronicus‟
Warren Chernaik (University of London)
„Julius Caesar and Republicanism: Shakespeare, Jonson, and Some Contemporaries‟
Edward Paleit (University of Exeter)
„How Jacobean Dramatists Read their Lucan: Jonson, Stephens, May, and the Bellum Ciuile, c. 1605-1637‟
12.45-1.45pm Lunch
1.50-3pm Plenary lecture
David Norbrook (Merton Professor of English Literature, University of Oxford)
„Lucretius and Seventeenth-century Political Culture‟ (Chair: Felicity Heal)
3.05-4.10 pm Scholarship and Intellectual Culture (Chair: David Norbrook)
Nick Hardy (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)
„Roma Graecissans: Rome and Greek Identities in Early Modern British Erudition‟
Thomas Roebuck (Magdalen College, Oxford),
'Athenaeus and Macrobius in Early Modern England'
4.10pm-4.30pm Tea
4.35-6.15 pm Greece, France, and Rome on the Renaissance Stage (Chair: Warren Chernaik)
Richard Hillman (Université de Tours, France)
„The “Frenchness” of Rome on the Early Modern English Stage‟
Richard Rowland (University of York)
„Framing Deianeira: Reading Ovidian and Senecan Husband-Killing in Early Modern England‟
Maria Del Sapio Garbero (Roma Tre University)
„Disowning the Bond: Ovid, Seneca, and Coriolanus‟
6.15-7pm Reception
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Sunday 22 May
8.55-9.10 am Registration
9.10-10.55am Editing, Appropriation, Influence (Chair: Richard Rowland)
Katie East (Royal Holloway, University of London)
„Constructing by Conjecture: Cicero in Early Modern England‟
Gesine Manuwald (University College London)
„Ancient Roman Literature in Thomas Campion‟s Poetry‟
Adam Swann (University of Glasgow)
„Hex Romana: The Curse of Roman Influence in Milton‟s History of Britain‟
10.55-11.15am coffee
11.15am-1pm The Contexts of Translation (Chair: Freyja Cox Jensen)
Fred Schurink (Univ. of Northumbria)
„Ancient Rome and Tudor Warfare: The Military Contexts of English Translations of the Classics, c. 1520-1580‟
Serena Connolly (Rutgers)
„Cato Englished‟
Sheldon Brammall (Trinity College, Cambridge)
„“A horrible Travesty in earnest”?: Parliament and Providence in John Vicars's The XII Aeneids of 1632‟
1-2 pm Lunch
2-3.10pm Blair Worden (Visiting Professor of History, University of Oxford)
„Clarendon, Ben Jonson, and the Conspiracy of Catiline‟ (Chair: Paulina Kewes)
3.15-4.20pm Political Culture (Chair: Felicity Heal)
Richard Serjeantson (Trinity College, Cambridge)
„Citizenship and Conquest: Francis Bacon and Rome after 1603‟
Tracey Sowerby (St Hilda‟s College, Oxford)
„The Roman Influence on English Diplomatic Thought‟