Re-reading William Shakespeare Twenty-five Years On: A Colloquium with Terry Eagleton

British Shakespeare Association: Northern Renaissance Seminar

Saturday 7 May 2011, Lancaster University
Storey Creative Industries Centre, Lancaster

Twenty five years ago, Terry Eagleton's preface to William Shakespeare began by wittily comparing the foolhardy prospect of writing a short book on Shakespeare to a Monty Python sketch, before setting forward its focus on 'the interrelations between language, desire, law, money and the body'. The book went on to demonstrate the case for re-reading Shakespeare in the light of writings by figures such as Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Wittgenstein, Jameson, Lacan, Derrida and Kristeva.

How do we re-read Shakespeare now? What value do the terms set out by Eagleton: language, nature, desire, law, money, the body, and the work of theorists and philosophers continue to hold for us? The day-long colloquium will explore these questions via a dialogue of academic papers on texts from across the canon and responses from Professor Terry Eagleton. Speakers will include Professor John Drakakis (University of Stirling), Professor Peter Womack (University of East Anglia), Professor Marion Wynne-Davies (University of Surrey), Professor Richard Wilson (University of Cardiff). Cost: £15.00 (waged) payable online to Lancaster University https://online-payments . lancaster-university . co . uk/browse/product . asp?compid=1&modid=1&catid=237

Contact: Professor Alison Findlay (Lancaster University)