“What do historians of mathematics do?” - Oxford Mathematical Institute, History of Mathematics Seminar

A series of talks whose aim is simply to answer the question in the title. The talks will take place at 4pm on Tuesdays of weeks 2-4 in the Andrew Wiles Building (Radcliffe Observatory Quarter Woodstock Road, Oxford) in lecture room L3. No previous knowledge is required. All are welcome.

Week 2 - 1 May 2018
“The World Is Round. Or, Is It, Really?” A Global History of Mathematics in the 17th Century Tomoko L. Kitagawa (UC Berkeley & Oxford Centre for Global History)

Week 3 – 8 May
“Perseverance and intelligence, but no genius”: Mary Somerville's theory of differences Brigitte Stenhouse (The Open University)

Week 4 – 15 May
Euclid's Elements of Geometry in Early Modern Britain Yelda Nasifoglu (History Faculty)

Further details, including abstracts can be found here.