Beaumont 400

Guildhall Library, 11 March (evening) and King's College London, 12 March (day and evening)

In 1616, a leading dramatist and poet died and was roundly mourned by all of his contemporaries. His name? Francis Beaumont. The author of The Knight of the Burning Pestle and co-author of Philaster and The Maid’s Tragedy, died on 6 March 1616 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Following Adele Thomas's triumphant revival of The Knight at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare's Globe, it is time to reassess Beaumont's contributions to Jacobean drama and poetry, and his relationship with his long-time collaborator John Fletcher. 

With this conference we will take over the London Shakespeare Centre and restore Beaumont to the critical limelight with a symposium and a performance of his first play, The Woman Hater, by Edward’s Boys. Speakers include Suzanne Gossett, Lois Potter, Tracey Hill, Sarah Dustagheer, Kate Graham, Eoin Price, Simon Smith and Jackie Watson.

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