University of Amsterdam Seminar on Embroidered Bindings

Wednesday 19 – Friday 21 August 2015

Since 2010, the Research Group for Book and Manuscript Studies and the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam have been organising a Summer School on the History of the Book, which takes place in August each year.

During the summer school, there will also be a three-day seminar about embroidered bindings. The seminar will be held in English. The seminar is being organised in collaboration with the Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, University of York, in conjunction with Illuminare – Centre for the Study of Medieval Art, University of Leuven, the Leiden University Library and the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague.

Day 1: Theory and practice of research - papers on this topic or on related topics, including
  • experience and practicalities in research on embroidered bindings (Claire Canavan) 
  • history and practice of European embroidery and needlework (Marike van Roon) 
  • history of European textiles related to bindings; relationships between embroidered books and other objects (Claire Canavan) 
  • practice of conservation; diversity of attitudes on conservation, use, and consultation (Renate Mesmer) 
  • questions of methodology - what frameworks do we use to approach bindings and relationships between books, bindings, collections (Lieve Watteeuw) 
  • hands-on research of embroidered bindings of Special Collections UvA 

Day 2: Exploring other collections of embroidered bindings in the Netherlands
  • visit to Leiden University Library (Karin Scheper) 
  • visit to National/Royal Library The Hague (Rens Top) 

Day 3: Summary of topics learned
  • reports of the research performed the days before 
  • comparing the Amsterdam bindings with the results of 3D-scanning (Lieve Watteeuw) 
  • discussion of future research plans and possibilities
Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam Oude Turfmarkt 129 (Rokin)
1012 GC Amsterdam