CALL FOR PAPERS: Religious Ideas and Scientific Thought

McGill Centre for Research on Religion Graduate Conference
Religious Ideas and Scientific Thought

When: September 25-26, 2015
Where: McGill University, Montreal – QC, Canada

The conference seeks to explore the interaction between religious ideas and scientific thought. What role and influence have religious views had in the history of scientific thought? What are the theological and philosophical aspects of the study of nature? How has the relationship between science and religion been portrayed in historical, literary and philosophical writings? We invite paper proposals exploring any of the following themes:

· History of science and religion
· Theological and philosophical aspects of natural sciences
· Theology and philosophy of science
· Science and philosophy
· Esoteric philosophies of nature and 'occult sciences'
· Sociology of scientific knowledge
· Science and religion in literature
· Cosmology and metaphysics

KEYNOTE: Dr. Ian Stewart (King's College, Halifax, NS)

Abstracts deadline: July 3rd, 2015
Submission guidelines and info:
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