Call for Contributions: Literary & Scientific Cultures of Early Modernity

General Editors: Mary Thomas Crane, Boston College, and Henry S. Turner, Rutgers University

For more than a decade now, Literary and Scientific Cultures of Early Modernity,, has provided a forum for groundbreaking work on the relations between literary and scientific discourses in Europe, during a period when both fields were in a crucial moment of historical formation. We welcome proposals that address the many overlaps between modes of imaginative writing typical of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries—poetics, rhetoric, prose narrative, dramatic production, utopia—and the vocabularies, conceptual models, and intellectual methods of newly emergent 'scientific' fields such as medicine, astronomy, astrology, alchemy, psychology, mapping, mathematics, or natural history. In order to reflect the nature of intellectual inquiry during the period, the series is interdisciplinary in orientation and publishes monographs, edited collections, and selected critical editions of primary texts relevant to an understanding of the mutual implication of literary and scientific epistemologies.

As the series continues to evolve, we particularly seek submissions to do with:

· alchemy
· science in the New World
· meteorology
· knowledge networks
· global science
· machines
· poetics and science
· navigation/mapmaking

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