CALL FOR PAPERS: Rethinking Intellectual History

The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 7-9 April 2015.

The Sydney Intellectual History Network at the University of Sydney invite proposals for papers and proposals for 3-4 paper sessions for the Rethinking Intellectual History Conference.

Organisers: Stephen Gaukroger, Jennifer Milam, Glenda Sluga

The conference focuses on ten topic areas with the aim of stimulating discussion across disciplines about the past and future of intellectual history.

1. History of economic thought

2. Women and intellectual history

3. Biography, autobiography and individual life

4. History/historiography of intellectual history and hstory of ideas

5. Visual ideas and the history of art

6. ‘Ancient and modern ‘debates

7. The project and process of Enlightenment

8. History of science and intellectual history

9. History of political thought

10. History of legal thought

In addition to sessions devoted to the specific conference themes, there will also be a general section covering any aspect of intellectual history. The organisers welcome abstracts of individual papers as well as proposals for sessions of 3 papers. Abstracts of the proposed papers and proposals for sessions should be sent, by 30 November 2014, to the conference committee:

Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2014