Erudition and Confessionalisation in Early Modern Europe

Friday 20 September, Old Combination Room, Trinity College, Cambridge.

This one-day colloquium brings together an international group of leading historians of scholarship and historians of religion to examine how historical erudition was shaped by, and in turn shaped, confessional identity and broader patterns of religious change in early modern Europe. The last decade has witnessed some revolutionary historiographical interventions in this field: the purpose of the colloquium is to build on that work, and to continue the dialogue between the history of scholarship, intellectual history, and the history of religion that is producing such fruitful results.

Participants include: Simon Ditchfield, Aurélien Girard, Anthony Grafton, Jan Loop, Scott Mandelbrote, Jean-Louis Quantin, John Robertson, Arnoud Visser, Alexandra Walsham.

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Registration is FREE but numbers are limited: please email to register.