Fairfax 400 | Sir Thomas Fairfax 1612-1671

University of Leicester
30 June - 1 July 2012

This two-day interdisciplinary conference will investigate the impact of Sir Thomas Fairfax (1612–1671) upon his time and contemporaries.

It will combine the approaches of historians and literary scholars to examine afresh his multiple roles as a general, politician, landowner, husband and literary figure. His memory, image and reputation in art, literature, media and film will also be assessed.

The conference also includes a guided tour of Naseby battlefield.


To register for the conferenc please send your name, address, email and contact details in an envelope marked ‘Fairfax 400 Conference’ to Lucy Byrne at the address below, no later than 1 June 2012.

Please enclose a cheque payable to ‘The University of Leicester’ for £40 per person. This will cover registration, buffet lunches, refreshments and transport to Naseby for a battlefield tour (please bring waterproofs and sturdy footwear in case of poor weather).

Ms Lucy Byrne
Centre for English Local History
Marc Fitch Historical Institute
5 Salisbury Road
Leicester LE1 7QR

Conference website, including programme and booking information: