Societas Magica: International eColloquium, Thomas Vaughan's Alchemy and the Reform of Ritual Magic in Seventeenth-Century England

Lauren Kassell (Cambridge University)

AGR 2D71, 1:00pm Thursday, February 9 (7 pm GMT)
(NOTA BENE: The announced time is local time in Cambridge, UK.)

At present we have been able to establish nodes in electronic seminar rooms in Waterloo, Saskatoon, Cambridge, and Paris. For those who wish to establish a node your own institution, we plan to expand in the future, once we have the technical expertise. 

In the meantime, those who wish to participate you can still do so independently by going to the following URL, downloading the software, and logging on on the day of the talk.

Software Download

However you are able to join us, I look forward to your participation in what will unquestionably be a valuable and rewarding talk.

Frank Klaassen