Marlowe Society of America - Free Copy of the Annual

The Marlowe Society of America now has a plan in place to give its current members a free copy of the inaugural issue of the forthcoming annual, Marlowe Studies: An Annual. You will need to request a copy, and the procedure is below.

Here’s what you need to do:
-- Be sure that your membership is current; if you have a question, check with our membership chair, Sarah K. Scott (

-- Send an e-mail both to Sarah ( and Roslyn Knutson, the MSA president ( in which you provide the following information:

1. Your request for a copy
2. The status of your membership (provide the year you joined the MSA if you know that)
3. Your current address

Here’s the most important thing:
-- We need your request by Monday, May 9, 2011
-- If your membership is not now current, you have until 15 April to get it current. You can now become a member or renew your membership online, at

The press will send you the copy of MS:A at its publication around June 1.