Seminars in Early Modern Preaching: King David

6 November 2010

Old Whiteknights House, University of Reading

11.00-11.30     Registration and Welcome

11.30-13.00     Panel 1: King David and Exemplary Penance

                        Chair: Dr Mary Morrissey (University of Reading)

‘with one worde spekynge his herte was chaunged’: John Fisher on the  penitence of King David and King Henry VII
                        Dr Cecilia Hatt (University of Oxford)

King David as a model for Penitence: Hildersham on Psalm 51 and Psalm 35
Dr Lesley Rowe (University of Warwick)

13.00-14.00     Lunch

14.00-15.30     Panel 2: John Donne

                      Chair: Dr Hugh Adlington (University of Birmingham)

           Reading King David at Lincoln’s Inn: Donne’s Sermon Series on Psalm 38
                      Dr. Emma Rhatigan (University of Sheffield)

                      King David in John Donne’s Psalm 32 sermon series
                      Dr Mary Ann Lund (University of Leicester)

15.30-16.00     Tea/Coffee

16.00-17.30     Panel 3: King David and the Politics of Kingship
                      Chair: Mary Anne Lund (University of Leicester)

                      King David and the Restoration 1660-1685
Dr David Appleby (University of Nottingham)

                       ‘Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king’s son’:
                       William Laud’s Accession Day sermon, 1631.
Professor Alan Cromartie (University of Reading)

17.30               Closing Remarks

A registration fee of £10 includes colloquium fee, morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon tea.  Please book by Friday 29 October.  For details of registration, travel and further information, please email Dr Mary Morrissey (<>) or Dr Hugh Adlington (<>).