The Governance of Nature

The Governance of Nature
CPNSS Seminar Room T206 , LSE   
27-28 October 2010

Day One

1              Historical Views of Governance and Order
Chair:     Peter Harrison, Oxford

10.15-11.30     Eleonora Montuschi (LSE)
Order of Man, Order of Nature: Francis Bacon’s idea of a ‘dominion’ over nature

11.30-12.45     Dennis DesChene (Washington UniversitySt Louis)
Law, Order, and Formal Conditions of Wisdom in the late 17th Century

12.45-13.45     Lunch Break

14.00-15.15     Jon Hodge (Leeds)
Forms, Laws and Order from Plato to Darwin: what were decisive transitions?

2              Laws of Nature and their Alternatives
Chair:     Nancy Cartwright, LSE and UCSD

15.30-16.45     Jonathan Cohen (UCSD)
Special Sciences, Conspiracy and the Better Best System Account of Lawhood

16.45-17.15          Tea – CPNSS common room

17.15-18.30 Robin Hendry  (Durham)
Dependence and Novelty

18.30               Drinks Reception – CPNSS common room

Day Two

2              Laws of Nature and their Alternatives
Chair:     Rom Harre (LSE and Georgetown)

10.00-11.15     Stephen Mumford  (Nottingham
A Powerful Theory of Nature

11.15-12.30     Towfic Shomar (Philadelphia University and Jordan)
Causation and Order in Islamic Kalam

12.30-13.30     Lunch Break

3              Laws and Evolutionary Science
Chair:     Eric Martin, LSE

13.45-15.00     John Brooke (Oxford)
Darwin on Law and Order – and God

15.00-16.30     Chris Haufe (University of Chicago
Darwin’s Laws

16.30-17.00     Tea – CPNSS common room

17.00-18.15     Eric Desjardins (University of Western Ontario)
Is there a Role for Stability and Laws in Managing Imbalanced Ecosystems?

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